Products and Services

Software Development. Consultancy.

Public Sector Innovation

We consult on public fiscal sector transformation and provide software.


tax administration solution

We have developed a unique methodology allowing countries quick implementation of tax administration, revenue collection, and public financial management reforms.

risk management solution

Our risk management solution supports a risk-based approach toward audit activities in the area of tax collection, budget oversight and internal audit.

law as a code

When a new tax law is adopted, our solution helps to automatically make the necessary changes in the tax administration software


Enterprise Architecture for Revenue Authority

Assessment and roadmapping transformation.

Modernization of Business Processes

Analysis of business processes, needs assessment, design of new business processes, planning change management.

Development of IT Architecture

Organizational and IT architecture for the public financial sector (treasury, budget preparation, budget execution, national accounting, revenue collection).

Cyber Risks Management

Identification and analysis of IT risks.

Assessment of Tax Administration

Assessment of tax administration systems, processes and institutions in accordance with TADAT methodology.

IT Reform Consultancy

Advising ministries of finance during the implementation of IT reforms in the revenue administration sector.

Assessment of IT Reform Projects

Review and assessment of IT reform projects and systems in the revenue administration sector, IT audits.

Design of IT Reforms

Design of public financial sector IT system modernization and reform, drafting new IT strategies.