Products and services

Public Sector Innovation

Digital government. We design public service platform ecosystems. They include data upstreaming to eliminate the need for the private sector to submit mandatory returns to the regulator, instead the relevant information is collected through digital ecosystems.

Design of IT Reforms. We design public financial sector IT system modernization and reform, draft IT strategies.

eTax.  We know how to make a tax administration agile and people oriented. Our comprehensive RIISIKO Toolkit is a unique methodology allowing countries quick implementation of tax administration, revenue collection, and public financial management reforms. Tax administration systems, processes and institutions are assessed in accordance with TADAT methodology. In eTax, taxes are paid online, at the kitchen table in five minutes.

eBudget. We help translate fiscal policy objectives and political strategic priorities into a national annual budget, thereby making the country’s most important policy instrument effective.

One-Stop-Shop Business Ecosystem.
We build an out-of-the-box-company platform with web content management, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, accounting platform and service delivery platform. It includes analysis of business processes, needs assessment, design of new business processes, planning change management.

Assessment of IT Reforms. We review and assess IT reform projects and systems in the revenue administration sector, conduct IT audits.

IT Reform Consultancy. We advise ministries of finance during the implementation of IT reforms in the revenue administration sector.

Development of IT Architecture. We develop organizational and IT architecture for the public financial sector (treasury, budget preparation, budget execution, national accounting, revenue collection).